Video Tips for Financial Planners

Google “financial planner Dallas,” and you’ll find nearly two million hits. What will separate you?

Video will! That’s because most financial planners are stuck in the text and still images. Pollock Financial sets itself apart with video. Some elements of this video, which I edited down, work well. John Pollock comes across in a credible way with a credible message. But people don’t like to watch what looks like a commercial. They want valuable information, valuable content.

Learn from my comments at the bottom of the screen.

Creating many videos with valuable content is one thing. Spreading the “love” is another as you can see from the very few hits for these videos.

And that’s where a video marketing strategy married to social media come into play. If you’re a financial planner wanting to leverage the power of video and social media, we’re happy to evaluate your current strategy at no charge. You have a story to tell, and we want you to tell it in the most powerful way.

That way, you can drive more business your way.

Bob Kaplitz

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